6 services that may your tresses

6 services that may damage your tresses

1. Applying relaxers to often and neglecting to use a neutralizing shampoo, followed by a moisturizing shampoo

2.Misusing hair products with a high alcohol content(spritz, gels,hair sprays)

3. Highlighting hair to frequent

4. Excessive amount of heating appliance usage

5. Frequency of chemical services

6. Relaxing very weak, thinning, or brittle hair

If your tresses, show signs or concern seek a Licensed Cosmetology to assist you.


Mizani Intense Cleansing Shampoo


Mizani Intense Cleansing Shampoo is gentle cleansing shampoo that doesn’t strip natural oils from the hair.It’s great to use once a month for product build up on your hair shaft. After using, make sure you follow up with a conditioning shampoo and a liquid leave-in conditioner.