Gabby’s Hair was fit for the occassion.

                                                                                Gabby Douglas’s Hair was fit for the occasion. Some of the things you should have told Gabby Douglas, are far more important than her hair.She should have be congratulated for her courage and her accomplishments for being an Olympic Gold Medalist for 2012 and 2016. She should have been applauded for making history.  If the only thing some people are worried about is her hair, it’s a sad day in time.Her hair doesn’t define her identity, talents, gifts or abilities.It saddens me as a Cosmetologist to see the attacks on her hair, as she is making a mark in history. If she wore  a bonnet or du-rag, that would have been another thing,but she wore a protective style for the occasion. It really shows the pettiness of people.  I wonder if, the people that Twitted, considered how it would effect her. Her hair was styled just the way it needed to be. She was not there to impress the people with a fabulous hair style, she was there to make history and pave the way for some little girls who admire her. It’s a false sense of identity, when your hair determines your worth.