6 services that may your tresses

6 services that may damage your tresses

1. Applying relaxers to often and neglecting to use a neutralizing shampoo, followed by a moisturizing shampoo

2.Misusing hair products with a high alcohol content(spritz, gels,hair sprays)

3. Highlighting hair to frequent

4. Excessive amount of heating appliance usage

5. Frequency of chemical services

6. Relaxing very weak, thinning, or brittle hair

If your tresses, show signs or concern seek a Licensed Cosmetology to assist you.


Roller Set


Rollers Sets are also great for protective styling and less heat

My choice of Vitamins


I highly recommend this!
I get maximum results with Biotin, I was experiencing  thinning about 5 months ago in my crown area, my hair was dry and lacking luster. I decided to try a higher dosage, and I can honestly “see” the difference.


Omega 3-6-9, I use as well for benefits of the fish,flax,and borage oil, it’s a great vitamin for hair, skin, and nails.


I use Vitamin E, for my skin, but my hair benefits as well. I alternate days when I consume them . Sometimes I take the pull and open and rub on my face during bedtime and I let it sit for 20 minutes. It may feel,sticky but after it’s rinsed off, your face will feel renewed. It’s not harsh like some of the exfoliatants.
* When taking any supplements or vitamins, make sure you check the daily value recommended.

Nothing like hands on


It was a pleasure meeting Chuck Caple at his Bauhaus Theory and Haircutting Class in Atlanta, Georgia.His lecture was phenomenal. Mr. Caple gave nuggets of information as to building an art form when haircutting. Key factors were:
*There are no five minutes haircuts
*You can’t put the same haircut on every client
*A haircut is like a blueprint
*Build a hair cut by using architectural principles