Protecting Tresses: 4 Ways To Combat Breakage From Hoods on Cold Days

  Temperatures drop and your head is freezing, the rain is pouring and you are thinking of protecting your head from the cold or your hairstyle from the rain. The thoughts of the fabric of the hood or scarf may never cross your mind.

   Protecting your tresses from hoods, hoodies , and scarves are necessary. Cotton materials extracts moisture from the hair. The lining of the hoods may cause friction damage and breakage. Four ways to protect your tresses, while wearing your favorite fuzzy hoods, hoodies, or scarves are:

  • Make sure your hair is coated with a light oil to act as a barrier of protection
  • Wear a silk scarf instead of cotton
  • Use a leave-in conditioner to add moisture to your tresses
  • Try wearing a knitted Beanie, the material is not as harsh as cotton.

    You may actually prep your tresses the night before, to allow the product to penetrate your strands for the weather of the next day.



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