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Hair Love :Starts with You


Hair love….

What exactly is Hair Love

Hair Love is developing a loving relationship with your hair.To love anything, you must take care of it and spend time with it. Love your hair enough to the point of, not covering it with hair weave. Hair Love is maintaining your “own”hair.Embracing the beauty of hair growth raises your awareness to transformation in your body. If your hair is consistently covered with hair weave, it makes it harder to understand and appreciate your own hair and its growth cycle.The relationship with your hair starts with you, not your stylist.  It’s your responsibility  to understand what grows on the inside of you and flows freely on the outside. Most people think” it’s just hair”. It’s more than hair, it’s a barrier and a personal signature of you. Let me guess, you would like to know, what is hair? 

  • Hair is a fiber under your scalp. There is a hair root (what you can’t see) and a hair shaft(what you see)
  • Hair functions through the circulatory and nervous system to produce hair growth. 
  • Hair is a covering that encloses and protects your body. 

Hair Love is loving the strands that protrudes from your scalp. Hair is designed to cover and protect, not to be covered. Hair Love is knowing your hair, the stylist, and the relationship.

Tress Talk:Have you paid any attention that you  have more hair on your head than anywhere else on your body? Why do you think so? Leave your comments below.