My choice of Vitamins


I highly recommend this!
I get maximum results with Biotin, I was experiencing  thinning about 5 months ago in my crown area, my hair was dry and lacking luster. I decided to try a higher dosage, and I can honestly “see” the difference.


Omega 3-6-9, I use as well for benefits of the fish,flax,and borage oil, it’s a great vitamin for hair, skin, and nails.


I use Vitamin E, for my skin, but my hair benefits as well. I alternate days when I consume them . Sometimes I take the pull and open and rub on my face during bedtime and I let it sit for 20 minutes. It may feel,sticky but after it’s rinsed off, your face will feel renewed. It’s not harsh like some of the exfoliatants.
* When taking any supplements or vitamins, make sure you check the daily value recommended.


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