Hair touching : the silent insult or compliment

How many times have you been asked by a stranger to touch your hair or let them see what it feels like?

How did that make you feel?

Today as I was shopping, the family ahead of me in line was faced with that question.
The customer behind me asked,” may, I touch your daughter’s hair, I just want to see what it feels like.”

The mother:”what does it suppose to feel like”

The customer: “Oh it’s soft, even though, it looks woolly.”

The mother:”You can’t always assume by looking.”

The child: “Mommie, why did she say my hair looks like wool.”

The mother: “Because she’s a profiler, a person that has jaded view of your hair.”

The family was bi-racial, the customer was Caucasian. Just by hair touching, imagine the perception that may have been embedded in the child’s mind. Which may, as she gets older lead her to chemically straightening her hair because she once heard it was woolly. The term woolly means resembling to wool, lack of order,or hard to restrain. A better term would be kinky. Kinky hair is hair that grows in zigzag patterns that interlock strands directly from the scalp. As people we have to be mindful of our choice of words, that may discourage children.

I can remember three years ago, a co-worker of mine, asked if she could feel my hair because it looked soft. After she touched it she said,”it doesn’t look like black people’s hair.” So,I asked what does black people hair look like. She said,”you know, woolly, knotty looking.” I replied, if I didn’t relax mine it would probably look the same way too.

I immediately felt insulted, the more I thought about it. As that day went on, my view changed. No matter what texture a person’s hair is, there is beauty in it. It’s grown out of our bodies, which is a part of creation. I realized, some people’s perception of different ethnic group’s hair is distorted. Hair touching opens up a door for opportunity to appreciate your heritage or seek education to value it. It may also be a compliment as well.
In return I asked the co-worker, if I could feel her hair. She says,”so what does it feel like”. I told her, “hair”.
Imagine someone wanting to feel, smell, or touch something they don’t own.

Please ask before hair touching. Some may take it as an insult others as a compliment.

Treating Tresses


Protecting Tresses: 4 Ways To Combat Breakage From Hoods on Cold Days

  Temperatures drop and your head is freezing, the rain is pouring and you are thinking of protecting your head from the cold or your hairstyle from the rain. The thoughts of the fabric of the hood or scarf may never cross your mind.

   Protecting your tresses from hoods, hoodies , and scarves are necessary. Cotton materials extracts moisture from the hair. The lining of the hoods may cause friction damage and breakage. Four ways to protect your tresses, while wearing your favorite fuzzy hoods, hoodies, or scarves are:

  • Make sure your hair is coated with a light oil to act as a barrier of protection
  • Wear a silk scarf instead of cotton
  • Use a leave-in conditioner to add moisture to your tresses
  • Try wearing a knitted Beanie, the material is not as harsh as cotton.

    You may actually prep your tresses the night before, to allow the product to penetrate your strands for the weather of the next day.


    Tress Nourishment: 1st Step to Healthy Tresses

    Photo: Property of Treating Tresses

    Tress nourishment is the first step to healthy tresses. Healthy food choices are the foundation to maintaining vibrant, strengthened tresses. Everything we consume impacts our tresses and health. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables allow you to receive the proper amounts of vitamins and nutrients without taking unnecessary daily supplements. Some of the benefits from eating for your tresses are :

    • Less vitamin deficiencies
    • Shiny tress
    • Healthy scalp
    • Moisture in tresses
    • Growth promotion 
    • Overall health for the body

    Nutritional hair care is the most effective form of hair care. When the hair is deprived from the vitamins and nutrients it needs; the strands will become thristy, dry, brittle or limp. Breakage or hair loss usually occurs when the hair is lacking the very thing it needs to survive. Try adding more fruits and veggies to your diet to start a healthy eating plan for your hair as well as your body.Understanding the root of hair care will be the best strategy to a life long journey of effective hair results.


    Hair & Wellness: Kiwi & Hair Care

    Hair Love :Starts with You


    Hair love….

    What exactly is Hair Love

    Hair Love is developing a loving relationship with your hair.To love anything, you must take care of it and spend time with it. Love your hair enough to the point of, not covering it with hair weave. Hair Love is maintaining your “own”hair.Embracing the beauty of hair growth raises your awareness to transformation in your body. If your hair is consistently covered with hair weave, it makes it harder to understand and appreciate your own hair and its growth cycle.The relationship with your hair starts with you, not your stylist.  It’s your responsibility  to understand what grows on the inside of you and flows freely on the outside. Most people think” it’s just hair”. It’s more than hair, it’s a barrier and a personal signature of you. Let me guess, you would like to know, what is hair? 

    • Hair is a fiber under your scalp. There is a hair root (what you can’t see) and a hair shaft(what you see)
    • Hair functions through the circulatory and nervous system to produce hair growth. 
    • Hair is a covering that encloses and protects your body. 

    Hair Love is loving the strands that protrudes from your scalp. Hair is designed to cover and protect, not to be covered. Hair Love is knowing your hair, the stylist, and the relationship.

    Tress Talk:Have you paid any attention that you  have more hair on your head than anywhere else on your body? Why do you think so? Leave your comments below.

    Gabby’s Hair was fit for the occassion.

                                                                                    Gabby Douglas’s Hair was fit for the occasion. Some of the things you should have told Gabby Douglas, are far more important than her hair.She should have be congratulated for her courage and her accomplishments for being an Olympic Gold Medalist for 2012 and 2016. She should have been applauded for making history.  If the only thing some people are worried about is her hair, it’s a sad day in time.Her hair doesn’t define her identity, talents, gifts or abilities.It saddens me as a Cosmetologist to see the attacks on her hair, as she is making a mark in history. If she wore  a bonnet or du-rag, that would have been another thing,but she wore a protective style for the occasion. It really shows the pettiness of people.  I wonder if, the people that Twitted, considered how it would effect her. Her hair was styled just the way it needed to be. She was not there to impress the people with a fabulous hair style, she was there to make history and pave the way for some little girls who admire her. It’s a false sense of identity, when your hair determines your worth.

    Hair strategy for girls

    Hair strategies are not only for women, they are for girls as well. If you teach them about the importance of hair care early, they will understand the principles as they transition into teens and into womanhood. If your daughter hair could talk, it probably would sound like this:

    imageShampoo me on a regular basis; I want a clean scalp that promotes healthy hair. Shampooing me, cleanses the dirt, debris, and product build up. At least twice a month,  I need deep conditioning. The conditioner will soften, detangle, and moisturize me. It will protect me from dryness, breakage, and shedding. Leave this treatment on me about 25 to 30 minutes with a plastic cap. Then, rinse with cool water to seal the moisture into me.  I may be course or unmanageable, but without proper hair care and products, relaxers can damage me. Instead, keep me natural and press me out. I would love to be shampooed, conditioned, and oiled regularly. Relaxers might damage me in the future. Make it easy for me! There is a way to make me easy to comb. The right products and combing techniques will help me. A wide tooth comb, paddle brush, and detangling spray will remove my tangles. Part me in small sections and comb from the beginning of the ends to the scalp.Use accessories that are gentle on me. The metal clips, barrettes, and rubber snag and pull on me. Sometime, I am pulled back too tight or too often. Try braiding or twisting me up for a couple of weeks, it will help with breakage. At night I like, silk or satin scarves. Cotton headscarves and pillowcases only dry me out and break me. Please take care of me, I want to live a long healthy journey.

    Natural and relaxed is a state of mind


    The greatest joy is knowing that the condition of your hair does not determine your worth.  The hair war between “relaxed” women verses “Naturalistas” is bigger than the condition of hair. It’s about lack of knowledge of terminology. Being natural or relaxed define the state of an individual.  Hair is either chemically-treated or chemical-free.  Once we learn to use proper terms, we will get better understanding of each other choices and respect them.

    6 services that may your tresses

    6 services that may damage your tresses

    1. Applying relaxers to often and neglecting to use a neutralizing shampoo, followed by a moisturizing shampoo

    2.Misusing hair products with a high alcohol content(spritz, gels,hair sprays)

    3. Highlighting hair to frequent

    4. Excessive amount of heating appliance usage

    5. Frequency of chemical services

    6. Relaxing very weak, thinning, or brittle hair

    If your tresses, show signs or concern seek a Licensed Cosmetology to assist you.

    Roller Set


    Rollers Sets are also great for protective styling and less heat

    Highlights requires moisture

    wpid-IMG_20130509_122528-2.jpgClient: Tafetan 

    The weather is changing and so is your hair. What measures are you taking to protect your hair and the chemical applications?


    If you are wearing highlights moisture is critical. Chemicals exposed to sunlight can do major damage, if your hair is not taken care of. Regular conditioning makes your hair more manageable and moisturized. A liquid leave-in conditioner helps to keep the hair hydrated. Deep condition at least every two weeks, for better results.

    2013 Super Bowl Tresses

    Okay! This has been the best part of 2013 Super Bowl. The ladies of the night has pulled off their glamorous looks.


    Jennifer Hudson performed with the Sandy Hook Elementary School Choir wearing a messy, but stylish side bun. It blended well with the heavy layered bangs. Bold and beautiful red lips with a minimal amount of foundation.


    Alicia Keys serenaded the stage with short slick tresses. A very low maintenance classic hairstyle.


    Commanding the crowds attention!

    Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle owned the stage with their long shades of color. Beyonce wearing her signature blonde tresses with body waves, Kelly graces the stage with Milk Chocolate Ombre tresses, and Michelle pops up with Ravishing Raspberry colored tips.

    These trendy styles will be some of 2013 Spring Hairstyles.

    Heat protection for appliances

    This is one of my favorites. It’s great for protecting against heat appliances.


    My choice of Vitamins


    I highly recommend this!
    I get maximum results with Biotin, I was experiencing  thinning about 5 months ago in my crown area, my hair was dry and lacking luster. I decided to try a higher dosage, and I can honestly “see” the difference.


    Omega 3-6-9, I use as well for benefits of the fish,flax,and borage oil, it’s a great vitamin for hair, skin, and nails.


    I use Vitamin E, for my skin, but my hair benefits as well. I alternate days when I consume them . Sometimes I take the pull and open and rub on my face during bedtime and I let it sit for 20 minutes. It may feel,sticky but after it’s rinsed off, your face will feel renewed. It’s not harsh like some of the exfoliatants.
    * When taking any supplements or vitamins, make sure you check the daily value recommended.

    Mizani Intense Cleansing Shampoo


    Mizani Intense Cleansing Shampoo is gentle cleansing shampoo that doesn’t strip natural oils from the hair.It’s great to use once a month for product build up on your hair shaft. After using, make sure you follow up with a conditioning shampoo and a liquid leave-in conditioner.